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We provide training and arrange examinations in the following ballroom dance subjects:

International Ballroom

International Latin

Classical Sequence

Freestyle (incorporating Cheerleading)

Street Dance

Line Dancing

All training is based on the syllabi of the

International Dance Teacher’ Association (IDTA), Great Britain


Become a Dance Teacher

If you aspire to become a qualified dance teacher, we help you get certified as a professional teacher of dancing, and connected to the dance world.


Diversify Your Teaching

For practising dance teachers in non-ballroom subjects (e.g. those teaching National, Jazz or Theatre), we provide conversion training to help them gain additional qualifications.  Our programs for Line Dancing and Freestyle have helped many teachers to diversify their teaching.


For School Principals

Running a dance school and want to incorporate awards and graded examinations in your school programs?  Let us know and we are most willing to provide advice and support.


Be a Better Dancer

Wish to dance confidently with correct techniques and styles?  We help you achieve this in a proven, structured and progressive manner.  You may enjoy your progress by taking tests for dance awards.

Services: Lessons
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