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Our Record

We specialise in dance training for  qualifications, which has made us stand out.  While we cannot guarantee success in any examination, we have maintained a first-attempt success rate of over 98% for professional examinations, and 100% for dance tests.  For clients who wish to train with us for professional qualifications, we offer a free, individual initial assessment meant to give them a thorough understanding of their training plan.  We have found this very helpful in securing examination successes. 

We have trained candidates from various countries; to name a few Korea, USA, Canada, South Africa, Taiwan, Malaysia, China, Macau and Hong Kong.  Quoted below are testimonials from some of our clients.

"The training has helped us review principles we’ve missed.  They prove to be essential now that we are to teach."

“Demanding but rewarding lessons.  I earned not just qualifications but, more importantly, knowledge.”

“Just enjoy the training!  Things were clearly taught and explained.  His style made things less stressful than expected.  The teaching skill I learned is useful.”

"Enjoyed the lessons which were a great help to my qualification."

“The training and examination has made up for what I missed as a dancer and performer.”

“First time I took a dance examination.  It was a very good experience.  The qualification is so useful for my teaching in the school.”

“The qualification is a big help for teaching in the community”

Our Record: Student Testimonials
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