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Dance Awards​

Previously known as “medal tests”, these are tests in place for over half a century meant for progressive development of dancers' skills.  The candidate demonstrates syllabus dances to the examiner.  Successful candidate receives a dance award (which includes a certificate and insignia/plaque/trophy).  Various levels exist according to age or performance requirements.  The Rosette awards may start at 3 years old.  Bronze, Silver and Gold are examples of higher awards.

Graded Examinations

Featuring a more educational theme, these competence examinations follow different syllabi, but are conducted in a manner similar to that of dance awards.  Graded examinations are regulated and recognised by independent bodies (in England the Ofqual, which regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments).  IDTA Grades range from Preparatory to 5.  Grade 1 to 5 carry Ofqual credit points.  

Most dancers have found awards and grade achievements valuable reference when they apply to schools, colleges and performing art academies.  Some primary school teachers take dance tests to testify to their skills.  Note that while these tests are recognition of dance proficiency, they are not teaching qualifications.

Dance Tests: Lessons
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